Monstrous Power of the Hair Bow

It began with a black grosgrain ribbon who came as part of the packaging for something I got online. Rain and curly hair have been curled into the texture of cotton candy. I gathered my hair that framed my face and tied it back with a ribbon on a messy bow to be used around my apartment. It’s more comfortable than a hair tie – and maybe a little neat? It becomes a habit to leave the house with a bow attached to my head, first just walking my boat, but, immediately after that, to go to dinner and party dating. In my opinion, the effect is a kind of punk, like a member of the 18th century kingdom. Or maybe Courtney’s love.

The arc in the hair reminiscent of the renoir painting from the girls in the piano. ; The bow is very like a child, even though the bow does not come from the child. Is an adult who tries to make a little girl look the best; Kanak -Kanakak as forced by adults.

I am not alone in a new trend found for the style that is most suitable for grammar sets. In recent years, they have been sent to the runway on Chanel (simple black in a half -up hairstyle), Tory Burch (low and loose), and Miu Miu (greatness). Wearing arc is probably the first thing I have along with Kate Middleton, Sartorial or vice versa, because he has a hobby for low pigtails on it with a black velvet style from J.Crew, which costs only $ 22. It has been sold out for a long time, but the emulator The kingdom does not need to despair – Madewell sells similar for $ 9.50. In Middleton, the style of prim, polished, and preppy. Maybe the attraction of an arc in a woman whose appearance is very slim is that accessories push a little too hard, showing that maybe, far in the heart, there is something sharp in that sweet taste. I think Catherine Deteuve, Audrey Hepburn, Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman.

Apart from all reasons, this accessory is very flexible. Large, black, handmade silk arc from Santa Fe Studio Bianca & Red was affixed until the end of a good braid with my vibrations dressed for the Phoebe Philo era CĂ©line. Long long iterations, red-and-white striped, made from a mixture of cotton-linen from Italy, look like something that might be used by Dolly Parton in the 60s when tied to a low and loose pigtail. But when pinned on top of high horse pigtails, it is a mere cheerleader. Jennifer Behr’s accessories designer has gone as all-in on the bow so that the website has a bowst shop that sells pearl-studded bows for $ 198 or luxury made of vintage velvet in Hydrangea, Rhubarb, and Dandelion.

I ordered a black velvet ribbon from Etsy and had been carelessly wearing it when my hair was the most unusual or was not washed. This is important: For successful disabilling effects, one’s hair must be loose and tendrils. Ponytail is too tight, too low standing the risk of arousing George Washington.

There is something very terrible about an adult woman who has tied the bow everywhere in her body. Someone I know calls him insulting feminism. I am not sure that my hairdo pushes the movement back, but I get what he says. Author Carmen Maria Machado discussed this with the scary perfection in her short story “The Husband Stitch.” The narrator has a ribbon tied to the arc which is part of his body. An applicant pays attention to him:

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