Hair arcs have become very popular!

Our dtilted hair arc has become very popular so we add two new sizes! This extraordinary arc is now available in 5 sizes and you can choose clips, pigtails or headbands!
In addition to new sizes, we now offer a choice of the color of your choice thread so that it is possible for you to match any school clothes or school uniforms.
Below is a description of each size.
Babies — Our small baby arc measures 2 inches. Each arc is a ribbon that is secured to the crocodile clip. The clip has been coated with a 3/8 grosgrain ribbon to prevent slipping.
This hair is perfect for baby hair that is thin and smooth!
We recommend this style for the age of 6 mos-2 years.
This bow also makes a very good choice if your daughter experiences an awkward stage of growing bangs! Teenagers like this size arc to hold their side bangs!
Toddler — our 3-inch toddler hair arc is made using high quality 7/8 “grosgrain ribbons. This arc has been secured with a crocodile clip, also known as a flip clip. Recommended for 12 mos-3 years old, it is also a popular choice for An older girl who likes a small bow!
Little Girl Bow — Measuring 4 inches, our little girl’s bow has been secured to the crocodile clip, with the center of Rosette. We make this style using a 1/2 “ribbon. This is a very good choice for pigtails. We recommend this size for the age of 2 years and over.
Medium Girl Bow — Our Medium Girl Bow is our best-selling bow! The ribbon has been secured to the French clip, with the center of the rosette. We use hard to find ribbons 2 1/4 “to make this style. Recommended for the age of 3 years and over.
Big Girls — Measuring 6 inches, this king-sized bow is very suitable for older girls and women. We use high -quality ribbons that are 3 inches wide for this adorable hair! This style is a ribbon that is secured to the French clip with a rosette central node. We recommend the size of this arc for the age of 4 years and over.

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