Glitter Felt Hairbows

Very happy to get this blogging so I can make some mine! I have seen them on a craft show and I am ready to be in secret. Material needed: · Sharing sheets of hobby lobby. You can also use feel! · Scissors · Gun glue · French clips, crocodile clips, bobby pins, etc. Bow Template

Today I share a super fast tutorial to make a glitter headband. Make a color rainbow in minutes! Â they are perfect for adding headbands or clips.
Glitter Bow Headband Tutorial

Stock:feel memo.

Templates that can be printed

hot glue

Craft Spray Adhesive.

Smooth glitter


Cut your pieces of feeling using the template. Bring the side to the middle and hot glue in its place.Glue the part to the part of a banner.Wrap with a small piece of felt and glue behind to secure

Apply the light layer of the adhesive spray.Sprinkle with glittering fine crafts.Attach the headband or hair clip!Lei’s make it!

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