From banana clips to beret, this hair accessories are perfect for all types of hair

Fresh hairstyles always bring high enthusiasm, and your good vibrations must be accompanied by the right hair accessories. Just like our other clothes, hair accessories are intended to complete our hairdo, style and lifestyle. So when it comes to thick, long and curly hair, certain accessories do better work than others.

Whether you are a fan of Scrunchie or prefer a stylish summer hat to hide your oily hair, there are many ways to unite your mane with the right elements. From vintage headband to chunky beret, help your hair develop with accessories and hair tips approved by this expert.
Which hair accessory is trending in 2022?

According to the hairdresser and makeup desiree Leigh, vintage -style headbands, pearl snap and monochromatic clips and hot beret of Chunky now. He also noted that print silk hair scarves are a good way to extend your explosion for one or two extra days.

“The 90s accents are here to stay and the palder -sulur will not go anywhere this summer,” added Leigh. “Hair accessories are a good way to tidy up any style and add sparkle and pleasure.”

For thicker hair, you can be large or small with your hair accessory. “When choosing accessories, make sure it can withstand the weight of your hair, have a grip for it and [accessories] can glide and stay in your hair,” said the bride and haircut Sara Yousif.

“Almost everything is suitable for this year’s hair accessories! From the popular Y2K butterfly clip to the pressed Rhinestones, hair becomes a playground for pleasant accessories,” added professional hairdresser Justin Toves-Vincilione.
Hair accessories for women
Banana clip

This hair accessory is a perfect clip for thick hair because it holds more without most ordinary hair scrunchie. It also offers more volume illusions and thicker hair. If you want to improve your hair game, this accessory is ideal for keeping every strand of hair in its place. In addition to its fabrication, the banana clip also offers an easy way to style your hair – especially when you don’t have time in the morning to give yourself ‘do for that day.

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