Hair Accessories – There are many names for jewelry that we like to decorate our mane, and they must have returned this year. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was credited because of their return to popularity (he asked everyone who attended the royal wedding to wear it), and traditionally they were worn in the race. But if you are not ready to do hairy herbs (like great work by London Philip Treacy’s favorite hat maker), you can try something a little smaller at your next party. We spoke with a hairdresser based in New York City and creative consultant Redken Guido Palau for some tips on how every girl can use hair accessories. Beauty, will you shake a catcade to ring in the new year?
Hairy charm

Kate Middleton (now known as The Duchess of Cambridge) likes to wear hairy fascinators at weddings or special events. He even wore Leaf’s topper maple-inspired when the Canadian tour earlier this year! “Catherine really bought hair accessories back to mode,” Guido said. “Good for him!”
Sparkling tiara

“Hair accessories are a very easy way to personalize your hair,” Guido said. “They also don’t have to be expensive. We use a very beautiful tiaras diamant√© at the Louis Vuitton Show, but you can find something similar to a cheaper price that looks beautiful. This is a way to show that you have tried.”
DIY creation

“Why not try DIY hair accessories?” ask guido. “Creating something alone is not expensive and can be seen as beautiful as a more complicated work. Beauty should not be about money.”
Add flowers

Sarah Jessica Parker likes to access headpieces that are too large, and this fabric flower is very suitable with a luxurious Halston dress. “Flowers are a classic item to add and it seems you don’t try too hard,” Guido said.